What many people who arrange PAT Testing for their company or organisation don’t realise is that at all times they are responsible for ensuring the electrical equipment they provide for use at work is safe. Its for this reason that they need to be sure the company or individual contracted to confirm appliances are safe knows what they are doing, and will do it correctly.

The person contracted may have recently completed a short course and gained a qualification but have no experience or electrical background; how can you be sure they meet appropriate standards or will know what to do in the event of a problem?

Or you may contract a big company offering the best price you’ve seen, but how can you be sure their standards are appropriate too?

The PTN wants to help you, the customer, to be sure you’re using someone who will meet at least minimum standards, by showing you what is not PAT Testing and providing support to our members.

Our members work together, they network and share best practice and we as the PTN are able to help them through providing expert training and support when needed.

All industries and professionals have some kinds of governing body or membership association designed to regulate its members and provide support and assistance to members’ customers. The PAT Testing industry has never had this, not until the PTN was formed.

It’ll be a long time until the PTN is recognised for what it is truly trying to achieve, but with your support we can slowly raise standards within our industry, leading to peace of mind for more customers.