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Welcome to the PTN

Thank you for signing up as a new member of the PAT Testing Network, the following information is very important to you as a new member so we would appreciate you taking a few moments to read, digest and do what needs to be done.

If you don’t have time now save the page and revisit it later.

Making the most of your membership

Making the most of your membership is easy, just go to the Facebook group and start a conversation or get involved in an existing one.

If you want to take your networking further, arrange to meet up with local members or attend one of our national get togethers.

Remember the PTN is a networking group so you need to do a bit of networking.

If there is a particular person you’d like to connect with but don’t want to make the first move drop us an email asking for an introduction.

Welcome Packs & Certificate

You will be sent by post a Welcome Pack and Certificate within the next 30 days.

Your information

If you provided incorrect information on your PayPal subscription you need to email us immediately including the incorrect information and the correct information. Your membership is now set up in the details provided; if the Welcome Pack has been issued already there will be a £15.00 charge to issue a new pack. There will be a £10.00 admin charge to update your details to the correct information.

Member Profiles

New members have the opportunity to get a member profile, our existing profiles can be found by clicking on Find a Member in the menu bar above. All members who have chosen to have a profile have one; not all members do.

You can register for a profile here by completing your basic information. When your profile is activated (may take a few days) you can update it with even more information – the more you provide as it helps other members to get to know you, and has been known to get you extra work.

Facebook Group

All of our members can talk to each other, sharing problems and ideas in our exclusive to members Facebook Group – only members get access so join us by requesting to be added here.

Use of the Logo

As a member you’re welcome to use the PTN logo on any of your stationery, vehicle, clothing etc. Copies of the logo are available via the files section of the Facebook group or email for copies to be sent to you.

Member Benefits

Members get access to a selection of exclusive money saving offers. Discount codes are required which are available in the Facebook Group.

Continuing your Membership

In 12 months time your membership will automatically renew via the PayPal subscription. If you prefer to pay by standing order contact us for our bank details; you will need to do a £1.00 immediate payment to show the order is set up.

Cancelling your Membership

You can cancel your membership at any time by cancelling your PayPal subscription; your membership will continue for the rest of the year, but cancel if it is not renewed. Please note, we do not provide refunds.

If you have disputes with a client

If you have a dispute with a client and need support contact us or get the client to and we’ll see if we can act as a mediator.

Anything else

If there is anything else you need please email