You can’t PAT Test with a smart phone

Welcome to Part 1 in the “That’s Not PAT Testing” video series

We’re running a new campaign of short videos to highlight a few important aspects of the PAT testing process. Throughout the United Kingdom there is some poor standards of inspection and testing going on, and some unscrupulous engineers aren’t doing the job correctly at all.

When we’re talking about safety, it is important the job is done correctly and that standards are high.

That’s what the PAT Testing Network is all about – high standards and doing the job correctly. The aim of the PTN is to improve standards by educating customers to what they should be looking for when someone does PAT testing for them.

Just putting a label on an appliance isn’t enough; there must be a report too, but even more important than that, the appliance must undergo the correct form of inspection and testing.

You can’t PAT test with a smart phone


In this short video we highlight the fact that you can’t carry out a PAT test using a smart phone; there is no app that can do this, and we doubt there ever will be. But we still see and hear of so called PAT engineers performing tests using an app on their phone. It can’t be done

That’s Not PAT Testing

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