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Are your plugs being opened during PAT Testing?

Are your plugs being opened during PAT Testing?

The PTN has produced this series of YouTube videos which are aimed at customers. The idea behind the videos is to encourage customers to use professional PAT Testing providers who will carry out the job correctly, and also allow customers to determine whether the job is being done properly.

Members of the PAT Testing Network operate to a set minimum level of working standards which include opening plugs during the formal visual inspection; this is a very important part of the inspection when majority of faults are found, so should not be skipped.

Members do their work in the way it should be done, so you, the customer, can be sure that what you are paying for is what you are getting from the provider.

The PAT Testing Network – Raising Standards

The visual inspection is an important part of the PAT Test, so making sure it is being done correctly is important – a PAT Tester should be opening up every plug he can

If plugs are not opened up, dangerous faults may not be found.

If the people doing your PAT Testing are not opening plugs, then they are not doing the job correctly, meaning you are not getting the service you are paying for. If you want to be sure your PAT Tester does the job correctly use a PTN member.

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