Do we really have to PAT Test every year?

Do we have to PAT Test every year?

It’s a question people often ask, do we really have to PAT Test every year? Well the answer is not as straightforward as yes, or no; you have to PAT test as often as is necessary.

Get a risk assessment done and that will tell you what risks are in place, and from that you’ll know if you need to PAT test your equipment every year.

The PTN has produced this series of YouTube videos which are aimed at customers. The idea behind the videos is to encourage customers to use professional PAT Testing providers who will carry out the job correctly, and also allow customers to determine whether the job is being done properly.

Employers need to make sure electrical appliances they provide for workers are safe to use; how you ensure they are safe is up to you – a portable appliance test is a good option to consider. .

How often you need to do the test is dependent on a risk assessment; putting such measures in to place will help you understand the risk associated with your appliances and workplace; only then will you be able to determine how often PAT testing is needed.

Have a look at another video in this series; “How to tell if your PAT Testing is being carried out correctly