When we originally set up the PAT Testing Network it was following discussions amongst a few people around the country on various forums, everyone having experienced similar issues, and everyone having a desire to make improvements.

There was a general consensus that some bigger companies (and a few small cowboys) were cutting too many corners which put their customers at risk, thus lowering standards, speeding up the process and lowering costs.

There were many reasons for this; people had done it for too long and picked up bad habits, big companies had high targets contractors were expected to achieve, prices were low so volume had to be high, etc. but we knew we wanted, and could do something about it.

We set up the PTN to raise standards; that was our initial aim – to address the issues in place and look for ways to fix them; improve training, improve qualifications, get better written Codes of Practice, encourage an on-site guide type book for PAT, etc.

In doing so we inadvertently created what is now the PAT Testing Network – we created a membership organisation of a small number of people, who invested some money into trying to raise standards.

All members of the PAT Testing Network are expected to have some standards in their work, for which we have set up the members’ Working Standards which our members are expected to abide by to ensure they provide a good service to their customers.