Before we started the PAT Testing Network you had two options if you wanted to network with other PAT testers:

The “ask a question and get shot down” Facebook groups – you joined a Facebook group with hundreds of other people because you had a burning question that needed answering, but when you asked you were shot down because you didn’t have a masters degree in understanding electrical appliances.

The “send an email to a local company and hope to get a response” – before it was so easy to find people through social media we had to trawl google or the Yellow Pages to find local peers, and then ping off an email or pluck up the courage to make a call.

Connecting with others

The PAT testing Network makes connecting with others easier, whilst remained flexible and relaxed – with business networking groups you usually attend weekly or monthly meetings in your local area, as we’re national that’s not so easy so we use a group environment on Facebook and national events to network with our peers.

We have created a group where the only users are members, and the members understand why they are there and why you are there too, so there are no arguments and everyone understands that we need to get to know each other and build relations. .

To be successful in the network we recommend that you get involved in conversations, even if it’s just to say you don’t the answer either, attend the national meet ups to meet your colleagues face to face and perhaps most importantly, use the member directory to find other members local to you and meet up with them.

If you do this you will build good relations with a network of people who may have work they can share, and almost likely will have best practice and advice they can share with you, and then you will see a return on your investment.

Associated with “PATTA”

Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association Logo (for members' use only)When we set up the PAT Testing Network it wasn’t just about helping PAT engineers network, but creating something that would in turn help to raise standards within our industry.

This objective is still in place today, but now under a new name and brand – the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association (PATTA). 

PATTA is not a Facebook group; it is a professional trade association for companies in the industry trying to raise standards from the ground up looking at what is wrong with the industry and finding solutions to fix them. 

If you’re interested in supporting a cause which can only benefit you, consider a membership to PATTA, on the Portable Appliance Testing Trade Association website