Join the Pat Testing Network
Joining the PAT testing Network couldn’t be simpler. To do so all you need to do is hit subscribe below, from which you’ll be taken to PayPal to set up your subscription.

Membership of the PTN is for individuals, not a company. If you have a company you’re welcome to include it in your members profile but it is you who is the member not your business.

Companies attempting to join will be rejected.

Applicants of the PTN should be aware that they are joining a group which is about networking – where people can share best practice and ideas, perhaps sub-contract work, come together at meetings and help to raise standards within the industry.

There’ll be an initial payment of £25.00 (+ £2 card transaction fee) followed by a recurring £25.00 (+ £2 fee) every 12 months.

The fee covers the costs of running the PAT Testing Network.

After you have made your first payment, you’ll be redirected back to this site, specifically to the new members page. On that page you’ll find everything a new member needs including the link to the Facebook Group so you can start networking, the discount code for 25% off PAT labels and the Members Directory form to complete.

Please read the disclaimer then click on the ‘subscribe’ button below

Disclaimer: PTN management reserve the right to increase membership fees if the offer changes; your existing subscription will not be changed without prior permission. If fees for new members decrease, or discounts are offered, existing subscriptions will not be changed or refunded to match. The PTN do not issue receipts, as you get that from PayPal. The PTN do not provide refunds for payments made in error.