Joining the PAT Testing Network secures you a place in the network, and providing you renew on time your membership will continue. The best way to pay is through a recurring card payment with PayPal, although you can pay by standing order or BACS payment following invoice.

The amount you pay to join now is fixed as long as the network continues in its current format – if the price increases, yours will not. However if the format of the PTN changes or another membership level is added additional fees may be incurred, although you will be asked how you wish to proceed – we will not automatically take a different payment.

Networking Tips and Advice

To get the most out of your PTN membership you should take part in discussions on the Facebook group, or start your own. When you first join it is recommended you start a post introducing yourself, perhaps including a specific question you may have.

To enhance your benefits use the member directory (or ask on the group) to find other members local to you and make contact with them; perhaps arrange to meet for a coffee and get to know each other – this often leads to sharing of work.

To enhance the benefits even further attend a meet up, to get to know other members from elsewhere in the country.