When someone becomes a member of the PTN, they are in effect showing their support for the industry, making a commitment to operate professionally, and are demonstrating to their customers that they work to the highest standards.

The biggest benefit to our members, that the PTN provides is the unique opportunity to network with like minded people who do the same thing as you every day; people with the same thoughts and ideas, problems to solve and best practices to share. Before the PTN started the only place for PAT Testers to talk were in social media groups and forums, now there is a unique opportunity to learn about peers in your local area, and perhaps even meet them.

The PTN runs an annual meet up in September/October where all members are encouraged to come together to get to know one another.

People should not join the PTN because they believe that they will get back more than they put in, although many members report that they do secure contracts and get more work through being members. However the following benefits are available:-

  1. Discounts from various suppliers (including labels)
  2. Access to private networking groups on Facebook and LinkedIn
  3. A profile on the PTN website, with backlinks
  4. ID Card and membership pack, including membership certificate.
  5. Use of the PTN logos on stationery, business cards etc.