New ‘Register My Appliance’ scheme

Originally from Seaward

A new website will provide alerts on any electrical appliance recalls or repairs.

Launched by the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA), the new website at is designed to make it quicker and easier for the public to register all of their appliances.

According to new YouGov research, just over a third of British people buying appliances, 36 per cent, currently register all of their appliances with the manufacturer, meaning thousands of owners are virtually untraceable if a safety repair is required.

Register My Appliance will provide up-to-date, accurate contact information for owners who have acquired specific models of appliances within the past 12 years, so manufacturers can issue safety updates or repair notifications to the right homes.

The initiative is purely to ensure the safety of homes and families across the country, and information submitted to the website will only be used if required for safety notices.

Douglas Herbison, chief executive of AMDEA, said: “Domestic appliances have never been safer, but we have over 100 million large appliances in use in our homes, and we keep them running for 10 or many more years.

“The incidence of safety actions is very low, between 6 to 10 recalls a year, but unlike cars, if manufacturers need to make a free safety adjustment they have no way of tracing the majority of affected models.”

The site is also supported by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and ROSPA.

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