What is the PAT Testing Network (PTN)?

The PTN is a networking group for people engaged in PAT Testing

The PTN provides unique opportunities for people involved in the PAT industry to network together on and offline; through our member exclusive groups on Facebook and Linked In people can talk to each other and get help with problems, which we know is not easy on other groups.

Members regularly share best practice and home-made videos showcasing ‘how-to’s’ and good standards.

We also have annual member meet ups at a national location, which all members are invited to attend. Members have their own local meet ups too.

In the longer term we aim to become a professional association for the industry – there currently isn’t a PAT specific association, and we feel the industry does need it.

PTN members are united in their belief that standards need to be improved generally across the industry, and all members who sign up agree to abide by the minimum working standards for professionalism and working methods – all our members already have high standards so it’s not usually more work to take these on board.