The PAT Testing Network is a group of PAT testers who network on and off line with each other sharing best practice, ideas and work, and help each other out with problems, both from a PAT Testing Network Registered member logo not to be used by anyone who is not a registered memberbusiness and on-the-job perspective.
To chat online we use a private members only group on Facebook, which you can join in with too, by signing up to pay a small joining fee. The fee is in place so that users of the group are not time wasters or trouble makers, keeping conversations sensible and friendly.

Joining us is very easy, all you need to do is pay the fee now via PayPal then visit our group on Facebook.

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That’s Not PAT testing

This video was produced by us to show people what some people will try to pass off as PAT testing.


The PAT Testing Network – Raising Standards through networking