What is the PAT Testing Network (PTN)?

PAT Testing Network Registered member logo not to be used by anyone who is not a registered member

The Pat Testing Network (PTN) is a national (UK) networking group for people engaged in PAT Testing

Long term we aim to become a professional association for the industry.

PTN members are united in their belief that standards need to be improved generally across the industry, and all members who sign up agree to operate to the minimum working standards for professionalism and working methods.

Who can join the PTN?

Anyone can apply to become a member of the PAT testing Network; all we require at the application stage is that you are involved in the industry, either as a PAT tester or as a supplier.

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What does the PTN do?

The PTN is a group of like-minded PAT testers who collaborate with each other, share ideas and good practice, help each other with technical issues and aim to increase standards within the industry.

The PTN publishes minimum standards for members to adhere to. These ‘working standards’ have been agreed by our members and enable members to give reassurance to their customers that the job will be completed to a professional standard, and also allows PAT Testing customers to understand the processes involved.

The PTN has produced a series of YouTube videos which are aimed at customers. The idea behind the videos is to encourage customers to use professional PAT Testing providers who will carry out the job correctly, and also allow customers to determine whether the job is being done properly.

What Benefits does a member get?

When someone becomes a member of the PTN, they are in effect showing their support for the industry, making a commitment to operate professionally, and are demonstrating to their customers that they work to the highest standards.

Successful members of the PTN benefit from gaining new contacts and colleagues, members also get access to the following benefits:

  1. Discounts from various suppliers (including labels & equipment)
  2. Access to private networking group on Facebook
  3. A profile on the PTN members directory, with backlinks
  4. Members Welcome pack, including membership certificate.
  5. Use of the PTN logos on stationery, business cards etc.

What does the PTN cost?

Membership of the PTN is currently £25 per year. Members join on a personal level, even if they are part of a larger organisation; membership is for the person not the company. Membership runs for a period of 12 months, from joining.