The PAT Testing Network is the only networking group for people who do PAT Testing; members of the PTN network both online and offline through our exclusive to members Facebook group and regular national get-togethers. In addition members are encouraged to meet up with other members in their local area.

The PAT Testing Network is also helping to raise standards in our industry; the subscription you pay to be a networking member is put towards the costs incurred for raising standards. We are working with governing bodies to raise the profile of our industry, to improve support and training and to give people who do portable appliance testing a stronger voice.

PAT testers Networking

Through networking with the PTN many of our members have formed successful working relationships which has led to sharing work, best practice and growing their businesses.

In addition, through networking online members get to talk to others from all over the country, building new relations with great value – through sharing problems and ideas we all get to gain new knowledge and experience and learn methods and processes to help us.

About our members

Our members include people who have been involved in the industry since it began to people who have just completed a course, in fact some of our members don’t even do PAT full time, but have other jobs that require them to do PAT testing or arrange contractors.

Our members include representatives from Seaward, Meggar, Simply Pats, Pat Labels Online and Britannia Calibration.

Whatever your reason for needing a bit of help and support the PAT testing Network is here to help you.

All new members are sent a Welcome Pack including Membership Certificate have access to exclusive money off discounts and can have their own profile on the website if required.

We all have standards

The PAT Testing Network assumes that its members will have good standards in the way they operate; the fact that a person joins us suggests they want to be part of something bigger, and one assumes that someone like that will have standards. The PTN operates a Working Standards document and expects its members to operate to those standards as a minimum requirement.


Membership to the PTN costs less than 50p per week. To join you pay just £30.00 then £30.00 on the 12-month anniversary to retain your membership status. If you have heard enough and are ready to join the only networking group for PAT testers sign up here today.

Through sharing best practice, good ideas and helping each other resolve problems the members of the PTN are helping to raise standards within our industry; we recognise that some cowboy companies exist and we are trying to educate customers why they shouldn’t be trusted. We also recognise that the tools may not be there to help our members so we we’re working on improving areas such as training and reference guides.

That’s Not PAT testing

Check out our first published video, below, about not PAT testing correctly which was made to help show our customers how some less reputable firms may operate.

PAT Testing Network Registered member logo not to be used by anyone who is not a registered member

Other videos in this series are available to watch on YouTube  and via our Facebook page.

The PAT Testing Network – Raising Standards through networking