Why do we need a PAT Testing Network?

There is plenty of negative publicity about the PAT testing industry, from frequency requirements to so called “sticker-jockeys”, from extremely cheap pricing to one-day course trained people deemed to be competent to prove an electrical appliance is safe; we’re not looking to add to that.

The aim of the PAT Testing Network is:

  • To improve the working standards of PAT technicians across the industry
  • To become recognised as an official trade association by technicians, the IET, HSE, etc.
  • To educate customers what is not proper PAT

Improving Working Standards

Our members already work to high standards, as do those who join; by being a member of the PTN they’re showing their clients that they’re committed to improving the standards within the industry.

A PAT Testing Trade Association

There is no specific association currently for the PAT industry; we want to change that, giving PAT technicians a voice.


We want potential customers to search for a PAT Network Member to do their PAT Testing*, because they know a PTN member does the job correctly. By educating the public we can show them what is not proper PAT.

*We know “PAT testing” isn’t the official term, but it is what we are known by, so it’s easier to use that term. The “Inspection and Testing of Electrical Appliances Network” just doesn’t flow off the tongue so easily. Registered Member of the PAT Testing Network