The PAT Testing Network is an association of people who carry out PAT testing, people who have come together to help and support each other with their knowledge, experience and business, and in the process will raise standards within the industry by ensuring everyone has minimum professional standards.

The purpose of the PAT Testing Network is to raise standards and through this association regulate its members, ensuring customers benefit from using contractors with professional standards.

To get the most out of membership members should talk to each other using the members online Facebook group, and utilising the member profiles directory, make contact with and meet up with other members in their local area. Working with other members is what makes the PAT Testing Network different to other similar associations.

The PTN, formed in 2014 remains the only association for people who carry out portable appliance testing.


What does the PTN do?

The PTN raises standards through professionals networking, supporting and helping each other

The PTN raises standards through training and coaching

The PTN raises standards through education

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That’s not PAT Testing

Check out our YouTube videos which give a different insight into PAT testing, especially, what is NOT approved practices.

Want a PAT Tester with high standards?

Find a PTN member in our members profile section. 

The PAT Testing Network – Raising Standards